The Last Harvest and the Newest Beginning

We know we are not the only ones to take solace in nature and gardening during this time of uncertainty and waylaid plans. We also know that, when you are at Castle Hill and surrounded of course by beautiful things, it is the natural landscape and seascape that will forever win the day! Blessed as

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Women History Museum

In the Society of Women

During the Gilded Age, wealthy Americans came to Newport to conquer society or be sanctioned by it, as it was the ne plus ultra for the fashionable set. In 1874, when Alexander Agassiz purchased Castle Hill and built his summer home here, the Queen of Newport society was Mrs. August Belmont née Caroline Slidell Perry.

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Off-Season Splendor

Newport’s grandest homes, including the Agassiz mansion at Castle Hill, were built as summer “cottages”. Luckily for us, this did not mean that their construction was in any way flimsy or unable to be hospitable in winter. For example, the exterior walls of The Elms mansion, pictured in the snow, are three feet thick! Not

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Sign at entrance to Castle Hill

A November to Remember

Let’s face it. November gets a bad rap. Granted, it’s not overly festive, it’s dark out a good deal of the time, it’s too early for skiing — a transitional month for sure! In Newport, however, its golden and fiery beauty, lack of crowds, ocean mitigated mild temperatures and persistent lushness, make it a fabulous

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Early Autumn Joys

Early autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year in Rhode Island. The days are often warm, with a cool breeze and cozy nights. The humidity of summer has moved on, along with many of the crowds, and those who remain are making the most of the nice weather and quieter surrounds. Local

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James Cornbread Crookes gets a hug from COO Casey Riley

A small tribute

Two weeks ago, employees of Castle Hill lost one of their own, James “Cornbread” Crookes. Cornbread joined the Inn straight out of Newport’s Rogers High School in the summer of 1980 and was a member of our culinary team for almost 40 years.  He trained a succession of executive chefs over the years, including Newport

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Snapshots of Cliff Walk

The charm of the Castle Hill Inn is due in large part to its historic structures – the Agassiz mansion, Castle Hill Light and the Chalet – combined with its seaside setting. Guests who enjoy this elixir of New England charm will surely enjoy the Cliff Walk, on the eastern end of the peninsula that

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Sustainability in the Culinary Garden

Since every day is ‘Earth Day’ in my book, I’d like to take a moment to highlight some of the efforts we are making in the Castle Hill Culinary Garden to be environmentally friendly and use sustainable techniques. Castle Hill Inn has been implementing new “green” strategies each year. I am happy to be a

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Sailing out front of Castle Hill

Sailing Captures

Newport is the sailing capital of the world and there is no better place to be a spectator to the action than the Lawn at Castle Hill Inn. People often say that coming to the Lawn is like entering a movie set due to the sumptuous setting and the stunning and picturesque background. Now cue

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July in the Culinary Garden

Remember the greenhouse image from the June blog post? Well, just look at how the garden has grown! From June to July is one of the biggest growth spurts in the Culinary Garden. Many of the plants have doubled in size and beds are looking full! July is the month of Hydrangeas blooming, Nasturtiums spilling

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