City by the Sea Syllabus

As the sun sets earlier and the winds begin to blow in a chillier aspect, perhaps it puts you in the mood to settle down with a good book. For those longer nights, we have put together a list of good reads pertaining to the City by the Sea that we thought a traveler to

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The Land that is Ours

The land that is Castle Hill has been known as such for centuries, perhaps due to an earthwork that was built here by Native Americans (the Narragansetts) that resembled a castle to ships passing into Narragansett Bay. Giovanni di Verrazzano was the first to write about the Narragansett Bay, which he called Refugio, due to

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Beacons on the Bay

In the novel, Theophilus North by Thornton Wilder, a semi-autobiographical tale set in Newport in the 1920s, the main character describes “a pentagonal room in a turret above the house: from the magical room, I could see at night the beacons of six lighthouses and hear the chiming of as many sea buoys.” Wilder was

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Bellevue Avenue and Ocean Drive Historic Districts

The Bellevue Avenue and Ocean Drive Historic Districts are indeed not that old. They have almost no colonial aspect, as you find Downtown, on Historic Hill, or in The Point sections of Newport. They are, however, the most spectacular! Winter is a great time to discover these areas by car, along the so-called Ten Mile Drive,

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Behind the Scenes: Newport Weddings

With its mix of beach town, sailing capital, and world-class resort, plus the backdrop of colonial and gilded age history, it is no wonder that Newport became a top wedding destination. Not to mention, the magical quality of the natural light — best seen in wedding photos from Castle Hill Inn! Follow in the footsteps

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Sign at entrance to Castle Hill

A November to Remember

Let’s face it. November gets a bad rap. Granted, it’s not overly festive, it’s dark out a good deal of the time, it’s too early for skiing — a transitional month for sure! In Newport, however, its golden and fiery beauty, lack of crowds, ocean mitigated mild temperatures and persistent lushness, make it a fabulous

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Sailing out front of Castle Hill

Sailing Captures

Newport is the sailing capital of the world and there is no better place to be a spectator to the action than the Lawn at Castle Hill Inn. People often say that coming to the Lawn is like entering a movie set due to the sumptuous setting and the stunning and picturesque background. Now cue

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Daffodils and Bear-shaped hedges

Newport Mansions Spring Preview

I think we can agree that the definitive symbol of spring is the flower. And what about the definitive activity: spring cleaning? And the creatures that best represent the season? The birds, of course. Well, springtime at the Newport Mansions has that all covered for you and then some. If flowers are your thing head

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